20 Sep 2011 19:12

JFP's Official Merchandise Store

Great news for festival enthusiasts! Java Festival Production now has a year-round online merchandise store. The new online store, <a href="http://jfpstore.multiply.com">http://jfpstore.multiply.com</a>, will offer official merchandises from Java Festival Production's three festivals: Java Soulnation Festival, Java Rockin'land and Java Jazz Festival. "In the past, our avid festival visitors could only purchase the festivals' official merchandise on the day of the festival. With the release of our official merchandise store, we give the opportunity for festival enthusiasts to extend the opportunity to purchase the merchandise all year round, especially if they missed the opportunity on festival day. From time to time, we will also have special offers," shared JFP's President Director, Dewi Gontha. "In addition, with Multiply.com's support, Java Festival Production would like to offer a secure and convenient way of shopping for our merchandise online."

Start shopping for our merchandise at our official merchandise store (note: replace our official merchandise store with this code: <a href="http://jfpstore.multiply.com">our official merchandise store</a> ) and get special offers for LA Lights Java Soulnation Festival 2011.